St.Louis Air Show, 020711

July 4, 2011

Life has been very hectic…visitors, visiting, travel, a lot of activities over the long (July 4th) weekend… well, one outing I enjoyed very much indeed was to the Air Show on Saturday, though the temperature was over 100 deg F, and felt like 100 deg C, sultry and stifling….

The Air Show started off with a very short appearance by the

Stealth Bomber

stlth bmbr outln 020711

We were late at the venue and this aircraft, which I know I will never be able to see anywhere else, was there for a short time, and I just got two quick-as-a-whip shots before it disappeared….

stlth bmbr 020711

It was amazing how quiet it was, and incredible how it appeared to just float along in the air....very ungreen of me to like this wonderful machine, but so it is. Several aircraft, including the Corsair then came along and did their aerobatics: down dive 020711 I certainly hope the biplanes had good safety belts: upsd dwn bpln 020711 I must say I felt that the smoke trails at the Bangalore Air Show, with coloured trails, looked better: puff smk 020711 But this Sky Pretzel was lovely: pretzel sky 020711 I call this pic "May the fours be with you!" 4 plns 020711 airshw I also enjoyed seeing the Osprey an aircraft that can keep its propellers vertical to make a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing): two ospry 020711 The F5 thundered past and it was difficult to photograph: F5 clsup 020711 Here are some manouvres I got on video: If you double-click on a video and go to my YouTube page, you can see some more.

Here is my favourite:

More pics on my

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I am going to the Air Show again tomorrow (if, like today’s fireworks and concert, it doesn’t get cancelled due to rain) and hopefully, this time, I’ll get better photos of the Stealth Bomber…I’ve wanted to see it for years, now.