Images with words....Forest Park, 230611

June 24, 2011

Today was overcast but there was decent light, and it was mid-morning when I decided to go for a long walk. I went to Danny’s Hide, by about 11.30am….but I could only see the mother mink swimming back and forth; once she had a crayfish in her mouth, but she dipped under water before I could get a shot of here.couldn’t stay very long though, had to leave.

I went to the other bridge (opposite the Boat House) hoping to see some goldfinches, but wasn’t successful there, either. All I got at Danny’s hide was this small (and obviously common) butterfly, would any ofyou happen to know the id?

Update: Danny Brown says it is a emale

PEARL CRESCENT, (P. tharos):

un id b'fly one fp 230611

I heard a woodpecker in the prarie area but it was too well hidden. Also, I think the minks got scared off with the lawn mower that appeared….but the barn swallows had a lovely time, flying about all around, catching insects on the go as the grass blades flew out and up. The aerial ballet was beautiful to watch! Just didn’t feel like lifting the camera, so…it’s only words!

bfly two fp 230611

Post for my “buttering through life” friend Rohit Girotra!