The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare in the Park, 2011 130611, Forest Park

June 15, 2011

Here’s the 1950’s set of the play:

tmg shrw set 130611

There was a side-show, a short adaption, introducing the characters, on another stage, nearby (I shot this sitting on the grass in the main area, so some chairs intervene): side shw 130611 fp Jeff the Juggler, and his working partner, whose skills I have posted videos about here were hamming it up for me: jff jgglr 130611 There were some wandering minstrels (they were, truly, wandering all over the audience area!): mnstrls 130611 I am sure they were playing some Elizabethan instruments! Here's my friend Dawn, with me: dk and dm 130611 fp Here's Forest Park by night, as we walked back through a night with a nearly full moon, and waves of fireflies..... fp by night 130611

Here’s one of the flags of the Shakespeare festival:

skspr flg 130611