The Bear, the Octopus, and the Bunny

June 14, 2011

Jeddy Narayan is a bear of somewhat ancient vintage; he’s the only bear I know, who has moved from Europe to Asia to America.

Jdy nryn window stl 130611

This teddy bear was given to a little girl, aka , by her uncle, who lugged him all the way from London, to India, for her. She was quite literally attached to it; she called it, at first, "Teddy Narayan". She would never move without it, and from the time she put on a pair of her own panties for the bear...panties are called Jeddy in Tamizh...the bear changed his name to "Jeddy Narayan". JN actually went without a visa to the US, when the not-so-little-any-more girl went to study there...and now...keeps that little girl's little girl company!

You can also see an octopus (rare sighting!) in the photo below:

jdy nryan octpus stl 120611

As you can see, LG's LG (KTB) doesn't always treat the bear too well...but I think he can grin...and...bear it! Another animal, bearing the ears of the Energizer Bunny suddenly arrived home when DS returned from his 5K "Run For The Cure" (fight against Breast Cancer) run on Sunday. This Bunny looked at her grandfather.... enrgzr bny lk 20611 stl Gave a big smile... bny smile 120611 And a very sweet kiss!

bny kiss 120611 stl

So..these animals make up the wildlife right at home…