Forest Park, 050611

June 6, 2011

This morning, I decided to go and meet

Danny Brown

and share in his quest for the minks. Alas, the minks practically came underfoot, about half an hour before I got there! But nevertheless, I had a lovely time.

I met Danny, who was looking out over the creek, and watching the creatures he captures so well:

db fp 050611

We watched a mother


and her brood swim up the creek:

wd dk fly 050611 fp

And then climb up the waterfall, salmon-like!

Then the male Wood Duck came along, replesendent in his colours:

ml wd dk 050611 fp

Having got him from one side, I had to get the other:

ml wd dk lhs 050611 fp

And got him swimming:

We saw a couple of


fishing in their habitat:

heron hbtt 050611 fp

I was able to get one closer up:

green heron 050611 fp

I got more photographs, and they are uploaded at Facebook,


Came back home full of peace and happiness….thank you, Danny!