Priya Venkatesh..the Polish Woman....

June 5, 2011

I call this dear friend of mine, the Polish Woman, because…she went to the South Pole recently…something that not many of us are likely to do.

She’s become a very dear friend, and we share interests in children, the theatre, old movie songs, wildlife, photography, and just general laughter….her sweet disposition is a joy, always.

She’s put together a presentation on her trip, and will be delivering it in a few hours, at the Planetarium, in Bangalore.

On the occasion, Uma will deliver what I’ve written:

Friends are those people Whom one likes, and loves: People whom one wants to have around. It’s to do with who they are, not what they do. But…when they do something outstanding One feels so happy, and proud, and the joy spills over Into the hearts of many more people.

You, whom each of us can address as “my friend”, Are such a person. You’ve always been adventurous. You like to try out new things…. And you share them with us, generously. We’ve shared theatre, and music, Images, and wildlife with you. We’ve shared laughter, happiness… And sometimes, our difficulties, and sorrows, too.

Now, you’ve done something which few of us will ever achieve: You’ve been to the bottom of the world. You are now prepared to share The experience of the South Pole, too, with us… We’re going to see what you recorded. They will be striking images for us But are vivid memories for you.

These memories are precious to you. But it’s you who are precious to us; We feel happy, and proud, that such a person Is our friend. Priya, you’ve been to the bottom of the world…. But our love for you comes from the bottom of our hearts.

I have some wonderful friends!