Common Birds in Forest Park, 020611

June 4, 2011

I’ve posted all the pictures from my long walk to my Facebook album, which (if you have a Facebook account) you can see if you

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but here are some of the birds that I managed to capture on camera:



and the


share a moment, and a rock perch, in the park:

blkbd grckle  020611 fp

Here’s the Grackle, by itself, bearing off a fried chicken piece that someone’s going to be missing!

cmn grckle  food fp 020611

Here it is, at the edge of the water, Narcissus-like:

grckle reflection fp 020611

Here’s the Red-winged Blackbird male, showing its beautiful red-and-white “epaulettes”:

ml rd wngd blkbd fp 020611

The female is busy, bringing nesting material: rd wng blkbd on bush fp 020611 red wngd blkbd closeup fp 020611 red wngd blkbd fp 020611 profile The PURPLE MARTIN was endangered, and special nest-boxes have been set up for its breeding in the Park: prpl mrtns fp 020611 The population, however, still seems restricted to the nest box area, near the Norman Probstein golf course. 2 prpl mrtns at nest fp 020611 I got a juvenile, too: juv p martin fp 020611 And another one: prple mrtn profle fp 020611 And one more at a website! swlw?fp 020611 I got this EASTERN KINGBIRD in the grass: e kngbd fp 020611 And, a little later, perched on a tree: estrn kngbd fp 020611 Far away, a RED-TAILED HAWK soared on the thermals: red-tld hwk? fp 020611 I saw a MALLARD couple: mlrd cpl fp 020611 and also, a mother teaching her chicks to grub for food: Photobucket The plentifully-present CANADA GOOSE was (what else?) goose-stepping: cnda gs fp 020611 I got an EASTERN PHOEBE too, notice that it doesn't have the white band at the edge of its tail that the Kingbird has: Photobucket I got this KILDEER sitting on what might be a nest/eggs, at the shore of Des Peres creek: kildeer siting  020611 fp and got this one at the waterfall area: kildeer fp 020611 A SNOWY EGRET (similar to our Little Egret) went about its fishing business in the creek: sml egrt fp 020611 The GREAT WHITE HERON that we know as the Great Egret, was successful in catching a shrimp and despatching it: grt egrt fishing fp 020611 gt egrt fp 020611 closeup shrimp As I decided it was time to go home, I caught a very quick glimpse of a DOWNY WOODPECKER in the wooded area where the Great Horned Owls are to be found: dwny wdpckr fp 020611

I’ll be posting pictures of the turtles, the dragonflies and other interesting stuff..but meanwhile, today is the monthly (first Saturday!) bird-walk by

Forest Park Forever

and the

Audubon Society of St.Louis

so I’m off in a short while!