Back to the Owls....

May 28, 2011

I’d wanted to go and renew my acquaintanceship with the

Great Horned Owls of Forest Park

and emailed

Mark Glenshaw

That I’d meet him on Wednesday evening (25th)…but alas, the tornado warning, and the heavy rain and wind, put paid to the plans, and since he said he would be taking his friend Brenda (Frenda?) and a couple who were her neighbours, on an owl prowl on Thursday, I was at the Boat House meeting point at 6.30pm.

Mark introduced all of us to each other, and first of all, pointed out the nest that Charles and Sarah has finally chosen (out of three sites!) this year, in a large Cottonwood tree where they have nested before:

fp owls nest 270511

It took rather a while to get a sighting of even the fist Owl (Dalton, the son of Charles and Sarah.)

owl siltee 250511 fp

Monica, the female sibling of Dalton, flew in and out, but the light in what Mark calls the “wooded area” was already very low; but as we circled around later, we managed to spot both the parents as well.

Here’s Charles, looking quite majestic:

Sarah fp 250511

As it was already ten past eight, I bid a reluctant good-bye to all of them, and walked back home in the deepening dusk, happy to have seen the Great Horned Owls once agin!