Kabini, 14 and 150511

May 16, 2011

It was an incredibly eventful trip,apart from the stupendous variety of sightings and observations we had at Kabini….what events, you ask?

Sample event:

As we were all going towards the jungle in the safari Jeep, I told my friend’s grand-niece that I had been sitting in the same seat that she was sitting in (rear left) and had been bodily lifted off the jeep on an earlier visit to Kabini, fallen on the hand-hold bar and hurt my hip badly. So I told her to hold on tightly. Well…at one point, it started raining in torrents, and the jeep went over rough, hilly and muddy terrain. So..of course…she FELL out of the safari jeep, in between the rear wheel and the edge of the ditch along which we were travelling…the jeep rolled forward, and also, because of the torrential rain, she fell into thick mud…and she was not the least bit hurt. She was actually joking a few minutes later, the plucky child!

otr kbni 150511

Here’s an otter (Smooth-skinned or River Otter) which suddenly appeared on the mudbank next to our boat (there was one boat safari and two jeep safaris) that we watched for several minutes, fishing….! The last two days were full of moments like this.

Arrived home at 1 am and haven’t been able to sleep….reliving the trip with joy!