Verse...and Re-Verse

May 12, 2011

Someone whom I’ve yet to meet face-to-face, but who has impressed me with his many-faceted skills, wrote this and emailed it to me!

My (Rubber)neck Exercises While at the ‘Puter

Wide open is my office door As working at my desk I sit Performing some routine chore The keyboard keys I merrily hit

Out in one of the cubicles Jenn takes an incoming call While idly filing her cuticles And sipping from a latte tall

Over the monitor I peek Stretching my neck doing so As she continues to speak I admire her top cut quite low

I guess it’s her boyfriend calling Most likely about a date I lean so much I risk falling I hear, “Awesome!” then “Great!”

To better catch their love talk My head from side to side I tilt Don’t let this cause alarm or shock My neck muscles are well built!

At call’s end she sits up straight Her lissome physique nice ‘n taut I rue my excess body weight Sighing, “That Jenn sure’s hot!”

Middle age does make me sad As the Jenns of the world float by At least for one thing I am truly glad To neck pain I can say, … “Good bye!”

And that inspired me to respond:

Look at the office Lothario In the middle of his ogling scenario. Popping eyes and open mouth And a hefty chest that has slipped south. “He may look at girls,” said a colleague sage; “But the only thing that goes his age!”