Osama bin Laden, d.2011

May 2, 2011

It’s taken 10 years, but Osama bin Laden is dead, killed in Pakistan.

Osama bin Laden is dead. But…Anti-terrorism is now big business. Starting from the food and drink companies who vend overpriced fare to people (whether at airports or at malls) who have to throw away their food and water, to the people who make those Beeping Arches…to….the list is endless. Security…and what is mostly security theatre…is here to stay.

I am going to the US shortly, and I am so looking forward to yet another round of having my nail-clippers, moisturizer and safety pins thrown away….and going barefoot through every airport queue, as if I am entering a temple, and possibly losing my keys and mobile phone in the mess, as I add on a couple of hours each time to already long flights….and watching thousands of hapless fellow-travellers similarly suffering.

That’s the true victory of OBL and his like. Innocence lost…is gone for ever.