Nandi Hills...the creatures...

April 28, 2011

Sunday’s trip to Nandi Hills was particularly satisfying, as Kannan had his wish for the Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher fulfilled..really FULL filled! Here are two poses by the beautiful bird:

tbfc 240411 nh

tbf 240411 nh

Another great sighting, which, alas, Anand missed, having to go back early (he was taking an evening flight to the US) was ...these two EGYPTIAN VULTURES sitting companionably on the microwave station tower! egypt vltre 240411 It was also not as difficult as usual to get photographs of the little yellow feather-scraps, the ORIENTAL WHITE-EYES: white eye 240411 nh here it is, on a "Powder Puff" flower: white eye flower 240411 Another tiny bird that we were able to observe was the COMMON TAILORBIRD tlrbd 240411 nh here is one, busily preening: tlrbd prng 240411 nh I got a lovely sequence and put it up on this post Yet another small yet pretty bird was this ASHY PRINIA: ashy prinia 240411 nh the ORANGE-HEADED THRUSH was all around us! o hded thrsh nh 240411 as we were looking at something else, I looked up and spotted this BRAHMINY KITE eating what was, obviously, a dead BARBET: brhmny kt prey nh 240411 It was lovely to catch sight of the GREY-HEADED CANARY FLYCATCHER: gry hd flyctchr 240411 nh I was able to get a nice eye-level shot of the PUFF-THROATED BABBLER: pf thrtd bblr 240411 It was not just the birds that held our attention, though they were, of course, in the majority. Here's a little SPIDER on what I call the "Cobra Hood" flower: spider on cobra flower nh 240411 this beautiful, un id insect had us all clicking away! un id insct nh 240411 I asked Poornima to hold up the FIG from the Ficus tree: fig 240411 nh

It was amusing, as usual, to watch the antics of the


and here’s a little one, secure in his mother’s arms, and suckling contentedly:

mthrs mlk mcqe 240411 nh

I’ve posted


about the outing, and


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