Nandi Hills...the people and the scenery....

April 26, 2011

Having had to postpone our trip to Nandi Hills due to torrential rains on Saturday, we decided to make the trip on Sunday morning, and Anand, Kannan, Priyanka, Sushil, Vaibhav, and I left at 4.30am on Sunday morning.

I rarely post black-and-white photos, but this view of the ramparts of the Nandi Hills wall, the trees and the clouds…and that monkey sitting there…needs bnw!

slhte nh 240411

Here’s one of the things that’s special about Nandi Hills:

ndi hls monolith 240411

Here we are, having stopped on the road up, to see what we could sight: on the climbnh 240411 I used the little Fuji camera to capture the beautiful view of the hills rising out of the mist: mntns nh 240411 I tried to get the spectacular effect of the sun's rays through the clouds: sns rys 240411 nh We walked down the sheet rock: rock slps 240411 and enjoyed the view: on the slps 240411 nh The villages below smiled in the slowly emerging sunshine: view nh vllage 240411 But most of the time, we were avidly looking into the trees, spotting and observing birds! bdwtcng 240411 nh By the afternoon, the tourists had started arriving (I think the prospect of heavy rain kept them away in the morning, which was good for our birdwatching!) Some of them, obviously, had their hearts flying! hrt blns 240411 nh

I cannot take enough pictures of this old pavilion, shaded by the timeless, majestic trees:

old pavilion nh 240411

Have posted some of the birds we saw to my Facebook album,


…but I’ll post a few photos here, too, for the non FB friends :)