Tailorbird......home decor, Nandi Hills, 240411.

April 25, 2011

We had a very productive and enjoyable trip to Nandi Hills on Sunday; the trip was postponed from Saturday, when it poured buckets. On Sunday, too, we did contend with very low light for the better part of the morning…but Nandi Hills never disappoints.

I’ll be posting other pics…I’ve already uploaded the pictures of several birds


but I thought I’d like to share the time we spent watching one little Tailorbird choosing a bit of fluff for her nest, and doing all sorts of acrobatics with it….

We suddenly noticed the bird (which, by the way, has a loud call out of all proportion to its size!) in the long leaves by the path. A ray of sunshine lit her up:

tlrbd 6 240411 nh

Her movements made us watch her:

tlrbrd 5 240411

Up and down she went, on the leaves:

tlrbrd 2 240411 nh

She got a little bit of fluff that she liked:

tlrbrd 5 240411

More jiggling:

tlrbd 3 240411 nh

We continued to watch:

tlrbd 4 240411

But ultimately, though she was beautifully illuminated by that ray of sunshine, we had to leave her to her home decoration and move on!

tlrbird 1 240411 nh

No…don’t feel like using LJ-cut…

Update: do you want to see what a Tailorbird’s completed nest looks like? Here’s one I took on 190912, at the Waterlily Pond:

tlrbd nst 190912 bgkglpra

note the neat stitching…no wonder it’s called a Tailorbird!