Elephants Together

April 15, 2011

Here is one of the magnificient beasts that I saw in Kaziranga….

tusker 020411

Elephants courting is not something one can see often; we were very lucky, indeed, to see a courting couple:

tusker and another  020411

The couple slowly vanished into the long grass, doubtless cursing the disturbance that we had created….

Apart from courtship, males also bond together; this, too, is rare to see, as tuskers and makanas (tuskless males) are loners in general. Here, too, we were lucky…we saw this bonding behaviour between a tusker, and a male elephant in “musth”:

compnship elphnts 030411

You can see the secretions of the “musth” on the side of the head of the elephant on the right.

It is wise to give tuskers, makanas, and elephants in musth a wide berth….and so we looked, and took our pictures, from afar, and left them to the tall grass and their private lives….