Tree-dwellers of Kaziranga....

April 13, 2011

No, I’m not referring to the birds here! There were two creatures that my friends were very eager to see….the


and the


(Well, they wanted a few more, but those….they didn’t get!)

We were able to see the male Hoolock Gibbon first….

male gibbon 040411

Almost immediately, we realized that there was a mother-and-child duo quite close by:

gibbon mthr and chld in lvs 040411

After a little while, the mother felt secure enough to let the baby away from her body, and let the little one swing around by itself:

gibbon mother and child playing 040411

The Langurs made their appearance in a herd, and it was tought to photograph them while they were leaping about from tree to tree. But I tried my best: bc langumother and child 040411 You can see her how fast some of the mothers were going! blk cpd langur and child 040411 gibbon wls Two of them finally sat down for a few seconds, at least! blk cpd lngrs sitting 040411 We'd earlier also seen some ASSAMESE MACAQUES: asmse mcqe 020411 kazi centrl Alas, we could not see the Stump-tailed Macaques....!