The Water Buffalo, Kaziranga Western Range, 030411

April 12, 2011

The Asiatic Wild Buffalo, found is Assam, is the species from which all buffaloes here are descended…or related to. And we had one lovely scene in Assam, when the Wild Buffalo proved how it could easily become the Water Buffalo that we are used to everywhere, in our country!

As we drove past, we saw the buffalo wallowing in the water-hyacinth-choked water:

bflo in water 030411

He then rolled about….

bflo one leg up 030411

It takes quite a bit of feeling secure, for an animal in the wild, to roll up completely, exposing the tender, vulnerable underbelly, but that’s what this animal did:

bflo 4 legs up 030411

And then he looked directly at us from far away, as if to ask, “Did you get all that?”

bflo water front look 030411

Alas, by the time I switched on my video, the water show was over, and he just lay in the water until we left!

Here’s a video of a small herd charging across the jeep path:

Delightful Kaziranga….