Some of the trees flowering in Bangalore.....

March 17, 2011

As you go around the city, don’t forget to see the flowers of spring and summer, in all their glory… they are:

Albizia saman, the Rain Tree:

backlit rain tree flower bg 280209

Tabebuia argentea (or Tacoma argentea), the Golden Bell or Trumpet:

tabebuia argentea

Couroupita guianensis, the Cannonball tree (Nagalinga):

nAgallinga marA

The flower has a faint and lovely smell:

Cannonball(Couroupita guianensis)

Milletia ovalifolia, Moulmein Rosewood: Milletia ovalifolia (Moulmein Rosewood) Pongamia glabra, the Honge: honge 230311 Grevillea robusta, Silver Oak: silver oak 150311 Ceiba pentandra, a variety of Silk-Cotton: ceiba pentandra 150311 In this tree,the silk-cotton has burst through the pods: slk ctn pds brst 130311 This one's the flower of the Bombax (or Ceiba) malabaricum: bombax malabaricum flower Kigelia pinnata, the Sausage tree: The flowers and leaves look like this: sausage tree flowers on stalks and the fruits look like this: sausage tree fruits Anthocephalus cadamba, the Kadamba: kadamba flower with bee Anthocephalus cadamba and Nauclea cadamba of the Rubiaceae family Cassia fistula, the Indian Laburnum, or Golden Shower : indian laburnum in flower Butea monosperma , the Flame of the Forest (Palash): Palash (lac)  (Kumkum tree)flowers, Lalbagh 7 Mar 07 Saraca asoca, the Sita Ashoka: Unknown flower, Lalbagh 7 Mar 07 Tabebuia rosea, the Pink Poui: T rosea 150311 Delonix regia, the Mayflower (Gulmohar): gulmohar vs 150409 Careya arborea (I don't know the common name): carea arborea flower lalbagh 290309 Erythrina indica, the Indian Coral Tree: coral tre flwr 130311 vs Jacaranda mimosaefolia, the Jacaranda: jcrnda 130311 Firmiana colorata, Coloured Sterculia (this is not a very common tree though) Firmiana colourata (Coloured sterculea) Plumeria species, Frangipani: plmria 230311 frngpni llbg 050311 Gliricidia sepium, the Quickstick: Gliricidia sepium Quickstick Colvillea racemosa, Colville's Glory: colville's glory lalbagh 160910 Spathodea campanulata, the African Tulip: african tulip 160910 Here's a closer shot: IMG_0038 Dillenia indica,the Elephant Apple: Flower of the Elephant Apple Tree (a variety of magnolia) Peltophorum pterocarpum ,the Copper Pod or Copper Shield Bearer: In this picture, the yellow flowers that carpet the ground have not yet appeared, but you can see why the tree gets its common name: Copper Pod or Copper Shield Bearer Here, the yellow flowers have appeared: copper pod tree 200311 Brassaia actinophylla, the Umbrella (or Octopus) Tree: octopus tree 200311 Check out my Nature Guru (S.Karthikeyan)'s list here and here Mark the majesty of the trees, which absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen into the air.... tree shrrm rdha 150311 Enjoy the serial flowering (flowering of different trees all through the year) that was made possible by the botanist, Gustav Krumbiegel

Sometimes, just the emerging new leaves look as beautiful as flowers….

new lvs cbn pk 150311

See these leaves of a tree of the Terminalia species!

terminalia new lvs 130311

The best lists of all are Karthik’s,