A grim war.....

March 14, 2011

A group of NTP members…Radha, Shreeram, Tharangini, and I…decided to bear off our Guru-G, Karthik, to Valley School on Sunday morning, and one of the highlights of the trip was a desperate battle that we witnessed.

The battlefield looked innocuous, and indeed, very pretty: pattern of trmt wood These are the patterns that termites have made on the wood of the tree, which has, obviously, been chopped down because of the termite infestation. The tree trunk looked, to me, like an animal, with a snout in front, and an eye on the left! eye and snout 130311 On the trunk were several pathways,being used by the termites even though many of them were broken. termites on pthways 130311 vs On the trunk, Karthik pointed out an ant and a termite that were battling it out, in nothing short of a wrestling match. Back and forth went the struggle, as we watched for nearly half an hour. The others got busy documenting the war: phtgrphng antt trmt war This was the only shot I took (the video I took is not loading properly and I have not yet been able to put it up on Youtube.)....you can just about see the ant and the termite here. ant-termite war Why were they fighting? We do not know....but the world of Life Under Foot is really fascinating! </lj-cut>