Flash...and Sunlight....

March 10, 2011

The morning sun pours directly into our front balcony, so I often lower the “chick” (bamboo screens) to lessen the glare.

As usual, KTB was up early yesterday morning, and since I had to go get some eggs and milk for her, I decided to take her along.

She just loves goind out, so she quickly went to the shoe cupboard, and sat down there, ready with her little shoes, waiting for me to put them on.

As the early morning light seemed a little low, I used the flash:

bdls flsh shoe 090311

But then, I decided to take another photograph without it, with just the sunlight filtering through the screens:

bdls shoe mrning 090311

I find that I like the second photograph a lot….there is a lovely mysterious quality to the little one and her reflection in the mirrors of the shoe cupboard!

I am really struggling to keep myself cheerful today…it’s about 12 hours since their flight took off.

They are going HOME, for goodness’ sake, and both of them are hale and hearty and happy (well, not TOO happy as the flights are full and KTB will have to be on A’s lap throughout!)…if this is how I am going to feel when parted from them for a good reason, how on earth do others feel,when parted from their children and grandchildren by illness, difficulty….or even….death?

Cheer up, cheer up, I tell myself, and wipe away the small tear that insists on rolling out of one eye…