D and GD are leaving tonight...

March 9, 2011

My life will go back to its ordered ways, after the hurricanes and chaos…..there will be no one to grin impishly at me…no one to ask me not to cook as today is “Bhavani Chats” day or “Nagarjuna Chimney” day…..no one to eat up the bread upma that’s been a favourite from her childhood….no one to cuddle on my lap as the milk gets drunk…..

Hmmm…better stop writing before I get too maudlin! I still have one pleasant duty to perform, which is putting KTB to sleep; we’ll have to leave at midnight or so for the airport.

But meanwhile, here’s Ms. Paper Bag Head…

ppr bg bdls 080311

and here’s the youngest birder of them all, going through “Birds of India” by Grimmett and Inskipp!

grmt inskp 060411