Time Out

March 4, 2011

When KTB does something naughty (oh, yes, she often does something knowing perfectly well that it is not acceptable!), she is not smacked, but told, “Time out!”….which means, she must go to a corner and stand there with her face to the wall.

time out chnnai 260211

She’s not supposed to peep out and smile impishly (as she sometimes does, waiting to see the effect it has on us.)

When she is ready to say “sorry” (she also signs it in ASL..American Sign Language), her “time out” is at an end. There are times when her mother asks her, “Are you ready to say sorry, or do you want to do more time out?”…when she just turns back to the wall!

Apparently, in St.Louis, last month, she’d smeared a tube of lotion all over the carpet…and gone off to the corner for time out, even before the parents knew what she had done.

An excellent way of disciplining the child….but yet, yet, yet…the sight of this little doll standing like that makes me want to RUN to her and gather her to my heart!