KTBs first full day here...

February 26, 2011

Yesterday her fever seemed better, so we had a new maid:

pink brm md 250211

…who has to have the broom colour-coordinated to her clothes.

She was teaching her GF to put pink dolls on his glasses: and her grand-aunt how to do puja: b and n puja 240211 We took her in her stroller to Luz in the evening...to the Luz piLLayAr kOvil: lz tmple 250211 and we watched the devotee throwing a coconut "shitharu kAi" with all his might: thrwin ccnut 250211 there were garlands made of different types of flowers, to be offered to VinAyakA: grlnds 250211 We looked up to see the seeds in the silk-cotton tree: slk ctn sds 250211 We went into a shop to buy some clothes for her, and saw baby jetties for sale (note for non-Indians, "chaddi" is what we call underpants) bby jtty 250211 could we fill ourselves up with nitrogen air? nitrogen air 250211 luz We watched another baby in a thooLi (KTB had her own, in St.Louis) thooLi 250211 and had meaningful conversations with that baby's sibling: flwr slr baby 250211 On the many walls of the city, one finds beautiful art work; it was lovely to see both painted and real bullock-carts together! real and art carts myl 250211

The evening had an enlightened grandfather and grand-daughter laughing at each other!

gd and gf 250211