An LJ Friend whose work I admire

February 21, 2011

When I have something to write about, it so happens that something else, that I hit on by chance, suddenly clamours for a post!

Let me describe today’s chain of events. I got an email from


with a link to his latest blog post Having read it, I decided I must add him to my Google Reader…which, thanks to not having a laptop, I had not visited for some time now. So when I went to Google Reader, I happened upon the blog of

..whose photographs on LJ moved me to friend him, and over a period of time, I got to know fairly well...including a birding session in Lalbagh with him, looking at the Mottled Wood Owls. He and I are much less in frequent contact these days, as he has become a quasi-professional wedding photographer, in addition to his day job. But going through his latest blog posts, I was really struck by the quality of his photography. He has always been a talented photographer; his portraits of his family, posted on LJ, have always moved me. But now, I feel that he has got such a distinctive style of his own, that I will be able to make out his wedding photographs amongst the work of many others. It's wonderful to see someone with talent, using and honing that talent so well. ....I don't know about the rest of your family...but I am really proud of you!