Parts of C and Ns visit, 08, 09, 100211

February 17, 2011
and are so amazingly comfortable with the food, the environment, and everything here, that I tend to believe, as C says,that they must have been Indians in some previous birth! I'm waiting to get detailed updates about their trip to Bandipur, Kabini, Dubare, Mangalore, and Belur and Halebid tomorrow....but meanwhile, here are some pics of what they ...or rather, we....did in Bangalore. Here they are, in the salwar-kameez shop, trying on stuff that they had tailored: rying on sk jngar 4th blk 070211 Here's the proprietor of the boutique where we got all their saree blouses tailored: lavna btq 070211 This is at a "blouse matching centre" (just look at the incredible variety of shades behind can take a saree along and find a blouse material to match!) mtchng cntr 070211 Of course, our peregrinations in Jayangar were punctuated by visits to the Darshinis. Here we are at Ganesh Dose Camp (that's "dOsE" not dose as in English).... where they, too, agreed that the coffee (well it's actually kapi!) was excellent: ganesh dose 080211 was very hospitable about taking us to her beautiful home: us's home 070211 and here they are in her garden: at U's place 070211 Then it was time to start the dressing up! Here we are, ready to go to 's home for the pre-wedding dinner: going to Y's place 080211 Here we are, leaving for the reception on the eve of the wedding: y's reception 090211 and now we're at Yathin's wedding, with WxY, as Wendy and Yathin call themselves: c n wxy 100211 </lj-cut> And finally, here's Mootilda, who accompanies C everywhere on her travels....she's a laptop at the wedding (thank goodness,it was I who had my purse stolen in the wedding hall that morning....Mootilda would have been irreplaceable!) mootilda 100211 You can also see N's wrist, bedecked by bangles...they spent at least a couple of hours at Sree Bhavani Kangan Stores buying up accessories for all the clothes! This post is especially for .