Unexpectedly.....Birds in Rishikesh

February 15, 2011

Rishikesh is a town that I visited for KM’s sake; he wanted to enjoy the peace of the Akhandashram for a day, and we decided not to travel to Devprayag but have a relaxed time at the ashram.

What I certainly was not expecting…was that some lovely birds would appear in front of our room, and delight both of us!

(All pics with the Sten/MLC2…KM had the DSLR throughout the trip; I never used it!)

It started with this beautiful


(a bird, alas, that is getting rarer around Bangalore), that was pecking around for insects:

hoopoe rshksh 310111

Look at the beak, meant for digging out food!

hoopoe bk open 310111

Then came this bird, that I could not identify, but which AMS tells me is a


sbrn cffchff 310111

It was then the turn of several


to appear, with two of them sitting on the water-tap for a drink.

o whiteye 310111

This, I must say, is probably the only time I’ll ever get a shot of them with them BELOW the camera…usually I see them high up in the tree canopy!



were around, and this one looked up at me quite cheekily!

r v blbl

As I went to the stores building in the ashram, to get razais (comforters) for the room, I saw this beautiful bird; AMS tells me it’s probably the female of the


female blue-fronted redstart  310111

And later, on the ghat steps, I found this lovely


bobbing along busily:

wht wgtal 310111

Right in the middle of the market area in Rishikesh, amidst the human bustle, I looked up to spot this


shikra highway 300111

and on the train back to Haridwar, out of the window, I got this pic of a bird on the (barbed) wire…a lovely


bd on brbd  wire 300111

It must, truly, be an Indian parakeet…related to the Yogis so beloved in the Western perception of our county, who lie on a bed of nails….how can a bird perch on razor-sharp barbed wire without special Yogic powers?