Whats in the photographers mind?

February 13, 2011

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I find it utterly fascinating to know what, exactly, is in a photographer’s mind as s/he clicks. Each of us would have very different thoughts in our heads….there could be:

just the pleasing composition of the frame, the documentation of something, an associated memory that gets triggered by the scene, some nostalgia, some unusual angle or lighting or object that needs to be captured, some wish to share something beautiful or haunting or even sad, with others…. let me not forget, as is often the case with me, it could be something humorous that I wanto capture, or some slice of life that exists only for that fleeting moment….

For example, Roopa, who also came on the trip we took to Bharatpur and Chambal, was there when I took

the photograph in this post

and she commented that it was only when she read the post that she knew what I was reflecting upon.

The story that I see in a photograph is fascinating…but even more interesting,to me, is the story OF the photograph; what the photographer saw, thought, or was struck by, which made the finger go down on that shutter button!

All too often I keep asking others for the “when,where, why and how” of photographs that I like.

Photographers..could you each post one pic of yours, and let me know what was in your mind as you took that picture?