February 6, 2011
and have arrived...and once again, I have to observe that when one's communication has been good, there is an instant sense of comfort with the person, and you never feel that you are meeting for the first time. You already know so much about each other, and so...there seems to be none of the little awkwardnessess that can happen when one is meeting a real stranger. Well, I'm giving them a nice home-cooked Tambram lunch...sAppAdu will be: veLri/thakkALi kosumalli uruLai roast vendakkai kari vengAya sAmbar (alas, no rasam) shAtham thayir Have skippped making a pAyasam in favour of the umpteen wedding sweets that KM's brother (who's visiting from Los Angeles) has brought back from Chennai. KM and his brother were supposed to arrive by yesterday evening...but landed up only very late, and as a result, I was barely awake (and actually brushing my teeth) when IdahoSwede called, to see they were nearly home. I said, "gargle!goosh!", which, if you eliminate the toothpaste foam, is actualy, "Yes, come along to our front gate!" ... and right now, everyone is getting showered and ready to come for lunch...after which, I'll take them to Deepam Silks so that they can buy their fancy sarees/stuff, and most importantly, get their saree blouses tailored, for 's wedding...and if there's time, we'll stroll around until KM and his brother pick us up on the way to our monthly quiz. It's great fun to watch someone else spending money, isn't it! Since KN (KM's brother) lived in London for 8 years before moving to the US, conversation about the UK went quite easily. I wonder what 's first impressions of India are....IS (Idaho Swede) has been to Egypt and Mexico, so she might not find it totally unfamiliar. Oh well, I'll get to know soon!