Wonderful time in Chambal, too...

January 28, 2011

I’m really so happy with what I’ve seen…it’s not only the birds. Gharials, jackals, civet cats…ancient forts, camels crossing the Chambal river at a ford…chai in mud “kulhad” pots, huge-turbanned and saree-veiled women…a hundred temples on the banks of the Yamuna, criss-crossing between Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan…the stark ravines of Chambal, bringing vivid images of the dacoitss, some of whom are still active…awesome sunrises and sunsets, some on the river, some in the mustard fields….

I am extremely happy with the photographs I’ve got, and only wish this connection would allow me to post even ONE! But alas, I have to wait, possibly until I return to Bangalore.

But the best news…is that and are going to visit by the end of next month! YAYYYYY! A new job is allowing SIG to take a break...!

Haven’t been able to see friends’ entries, or do anything at all, because there is hardly any time, either. It’s been hectic! Tomorrow, we travel back to Delhi, and then we have a couple of days in Rishikesh and Haridwar before heading back….

The incredible, indelible images in my mind will remain, long after my photographs have faded to dust; but wait for those photographs, please!