To a set of IIM(A) MBAs...who are senior managers...

January 25, 2011

When any member of this egroup changes an email id, there is NO way I,as the moderator, can know about it, unless informed about it. Don’t send me an email saying, “X’s email id has changed, and he isn’t getting the egroup mail any more, why haven’t you subscribed him on the new email id?” How on earth am I to know that he has a new email id, leave alone what it is?

It is the member who must subscribe on the new email id, and then unsubscribe on the old one. The moderator (I) should not do this, the more so when there is no direct email from the member, and someone else asks that the member be subscribed….

It would be quite a presumption on the moderator’s (my) part to assume that one ( of the two email ids that the friend has given) is the right one…and without any reference to that person…. to subscibe him on to the egroup. Members must be proactive in subscribing…or at least in emailing the moderator (me) directly, informing the moderator about the change in email id, and asking for the procedure. It is such a simple thing for a member to do.

Also, for this egroup, I’ve created a Google document which each of you can edit easily, as and when your co-ordinates change, and enter the new information. Please use this facility, and update your co-ordinates whenever necessary.

If anyone has any doubt about how to subscribe…email me directly and I will tell you how to do it. But if Y emails me, giving a couple of ids of X, and asks me to add on one of those…I don’t want to do that, and possibly subscribe B on an email id that he may not want. And when I refuse to do it, don’t send me another email saying, “Do it for X when you come back from your travels.”

I think managers are always used to minions doing things for them, and the culture of doing things for oneself is not very pervasive in our culture. We have drivers, we have maids, we have cooks, we have people to iron our clothes and shine our shoes…. we are a little too used to outsourcing!