A Gujrati Wedding....Ankit and Ruthvi Shah, 230111

January 24, 2011

We’ve been spending a lot of time at a neighbour’s wedding festivities.

I don’t know much about Gujrati wedding rituals, but I enjoyed the colour and the pomp and the glitz….for the most part.

Here are the father and the younger brother (they all live on the same floor and same block as we do)

father and brother 230111

Here’s the mother:

mother 230111

And here, taken through the windshield of the car, is the bridegroom himself, apparently communing with himself for a moment before stepping out:

bridegroom ankit 230111

Of course, the dresses were way beyond grand…here’s the detail from one saree blouse:

detail of blouse 230111

And the detail from the embroidery on another:

detail of embrdry 230111

I’d have liked to have photographed some of the over-the-top jewellery…but that would have to be photography-in-people’s faces, and I couldn’t do it.

Here’s the token dOli (bridal palanquin)…the bride would not have fitted into it unless she was a doll!

token doli 230111

Here’s a carved watermelon from the evening buffet multicuisine dinner:

watermelon carving 230111

Here’s a video of the barAth (procession of the groom to the bride’s home)

Turn the speakers down…

shut ears 230111

those drums are LOUD!



for the photos…this was only the wedding proper, this evening; I didn’t take my camera along the past two days :)

The amount of food wasted, and the amount of plastic cups and spoons and theromocole plates used…marred my enjoyment of the wedding…so did the pain from my sprained ankle!