Packing for a trip...

January 23, 2011

…is always fraught with difficulties. One can never really visualize, sitting in one set of atmospheric conditions, how cold or hot it will be in the other place. The pleasant chill of Bangalore is something I don’t even consider as winter, so I tend not to pack really warm clothes at all…then I have to remind myself how it will be in the open forest, and in the foothills of the Himalaya…and say, yes, I must take my jacket and shawls…warm socks…etc, etc, etc

Well, at least during local travels, food is never an issue, nor is currency…or the necessity of carrying one’s passport (and not forgetting it at the various security points!). I do like travelling by train JUSt for the fun of not being tied down to 20 kg or not being able to take a largish bottle of moisturizing lotion along….but, since distances in India are also large, we have to take flights, sometimes.

Then, of course, with someone with my sieve-like memory has all the tension of “Did I remember….?” followed by a list of alphabets all the way from a to z….and the things I must remember…and tend to forget, goes well beyond the 26 letters of the alphabet, let me tell you!

But with all this, travelling is SUCH fun….