Bangalore Bird Race, 150111

January 20, 2011

We certainly had a wonderful time at the Bird Race, and we certainly never had any expectations; our ranking, after all, would depend on how many birds the other teams saw! Here we are, early in the morning:

team blk strk 150111

Our list had 123 birds, and most of them, I never did photograph. I'm hoping that the others will put up their bird-race photographs up soon! We started at my top favourite birding location, the Bannerghatta Zoo area. We found several WIRE=TAILED SWALLOWS including this juvenile: ,that's a bird on the wire for you! swlw 150111 A bird that I enjoyed seeing was the handsome LARGE CUCKOO-SHRIKE: lrge cck shrk 150111 The Zoo area is particularly good, I find, for flycatchers of all kinds. We sighted this ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER: asn brwn flctcher 150111 It's also a good place to get some varieties of waterbirds, at the crocodile pond near the Herbivore Safari: croc pondscp 150111 At the edge of the pond, this GREY WAGTAIL hopped along, busily wagging its tail: gry wgtl 150111 a few LITTLE CORMORANTS dried their wings after diving for food: ltl crmrt 150111 We spent quite a long time watching a pair of PIED KINGFISHERS fishing; I managed to get one at rest: pd kf 150111 a common bird, the BLACK KITE sat upon a pole, eating early breakfast: kite prey 150111 the PADDYFIELD PIPIT is always a pretty bird to see! pfppt 150111 I liked the scenery that included a couple of RED-WATTLED LAPWINGS: rw lpwing 150111 Saandip then suggested that we go to the edge of Jigani Lake, quite close to the Zoo area, and off we went, where we saw this lovely LONG-TAILED SHRIKE: lt shrk 150111 We then went to Ramnagara, where our raptor sightings were wonderful, including this scene of a SHAHEEN (PEREGRINE) FALCON high up on the cliffs: shn flcn rmng 150111 Though it was the "wrong" time of day, two LONG-BILLED VULTURES were already on the cliff-face, and two more came sailing in: lbv landing 150111 they then proceeded to spread out their wings, we were unable to understand why: lbv wngs 150111 Mani also spotted an EURASIAN EAGLE OWL in one of the cliff cavitis... owl rmng 150111 We spent far longer than we should have, watching these majestic birds...but finally, lunch beckoned, and after a "Thatte Idli" lunch at Bidadi, decided to go back to the small birds, and went on to our closing venue, Valley School...and we were not disappointed. We sighted this BOOTED WARBLER: btd wrblr 150111 Having run out of time, we decided to head back to the post-race meeting at the Royal Orchid in Manipal Centre, where Prashanth Badrinath (I call him Birdynath!) and Mike Prince were collecting everyone's logbooks prior to getting to work on them: br judges 150111 </lj-cut> I've put up my photos on Facebook here ...we never had any rare-bird sighting, so were hard put to it to designate a Bird of the Day! However, it was worth noticing at that at 5pm at Valley School, we were already birding by moonight! :) mnlight br 150111 Let me close with this beautiful view of the main pond in Valley School: vs mn pnd 150111 It was a tiring but very satisfying