My write-up...the Bangalore Bird Race, 2011

January 19, 2011

I received this great email from Srihari, who was one of the hard-working co-ordinators of this year’s Bird Race:

“Hi Deepa,

“Thanks for writing this up. Coming back to your comparison of ostrich and penguin sightings and your team winning a prize, I’d like to say you weren’t too far after all - you have been placed 4th ! The results are available


“Have a look.

“Going by the turn of events - we might see penguins diving in Hebbal lake by 2015.


here’s my write up

on the India Bird Races blog.

Having been asked to write that was quite a prize for me, and the fact that we could show so many birds to our friends, one of whom was from halfway across the world, a prize for all of us.