Sunlight and shadows, Bannerghatta, Zoo area Crocodile Pond, 150111

January 17, 2011

Had a wonderful time at the Bangalore Bird Race 2011. When one has great birders and one indefatigable driver on one’s team….it’s easy!

I will be posting pictures and an account soon, but meanwhile….I enjoy the shafts of morning sunlight through the mist…and here’s what I captured at the Crocodile Pond at the Bannerghatta Zoo:

croc path bgz 150111

sunlit path croc pnd 150111 It's a pity that the more pollution and smoke in the air, the better the effects are: croc pond snlt 150111 Here are our group, wandering through the sunbeams: sunlight 3 ppl bgz 150111 It does look as if the Sun is blessing us, as we celebrate Makara Sankranti (the transition of the Sun from dhanur to makara rAshi (Sagittarius to Capricorn.) sunlight bg 4 150111