Chandus Stork Sighting....

January 13, 2011


has become such a close friend over time….I can’t even remember how I met him…was it when I went to meet the NTP members in October 2008?

Anyway, he and I have done

several trips


He was supposed to be part of my team for the Bird Race, like

last year

…but he got into a bird race of his own..with the stork! Suvarchala, his wife, was suddenly advised to go in for a C-section this morning, at their home town, and poor Chandu rushed with his mother to Tirupati, and hired a cab….but the stork won the race, as his son arrived before Chandu did.

So…hearty congratulations to a dear friend on “puthra prApthi” (acquisition of a child)…hope to hear more details from him soon. As I write this, he’s probably holding his son in his arms, and gazing down at him in the delight that only belongs to brand-new parents….