Junglescapes meeting at Navadarshanam, 100111

January 11, 2011

We had the


committee meeting at


yesterday and found our way to the venue, with helpful signs posted down the narrow village roads:

nd sign 100111

Here’s the beautifully constructed cottage in which we had our all-day session:

navadarshanam cottage 100111

Here's the wholesome lunch that we were given: navadarshanam lunch 100111 Our meeting was carried on in such pleasant surroundings: js mtg nd 100111 But on our way to and from the cottage for lunch, I quickly caught sight of several SANDALWOOD trees: sandalwood tree 100111 the colours of the BADAM TREE leaves against the sky: badam tree 100111 nd this lovely PURPLE SUNBIRD ps nd 100111 one of several kinds of birds that I saw even while NOT birding! ps clseup 10011 We drove home, through a beautiful sunset: hosur rd snset 100111

hibiscus 100111

The rest of the photos, with captions, are