Higher than the Palace....

December 30, 2010

From BR Hills, we came back via Mysore to enable my nephew to see the Mysore Palace. The crowds thronging the Palace were incredible, and I didn’t really want to go inside and get pushed around

What quickly helped me decide to stay outside was….that I looked up at the Palace spires….and there were these two:

two ev 291210

That’s at full zoom on the MLC, I thought…but then, one of them a little lower, as if to say hello:

ev in sky 291210 mp

And it was a lovely sight to see it against the dome:

mys plc ev 291210

I spent the rest of the time, while everyone went around the Palace, to wander around the grounds, enjoying the crowds….but this unexpected bonanza of two


soaring high over the Palaces, lifted my heart to their height!