Valley School...the Spiders

December 18, 2010

This post is dedicated to


the Spiderman!

For various reasons, after attending the Training Session, I had to drop out of the Elephant Trail Survey, and I was a little disappointed about it, until I fixed up with Anand Bhat to go to Valley School this morning. Instant restoration of good spirits :)

Here are some of the beautiful spiders that we saw:

This one I cannot id, but it was a really tiny one (that’s my finger skin that it’s sitting on!)

un id spider tiny vs 181210

Karthik says this one is a


debris orb spider 181210 anand

Some of the spiders are, of course, software engineers. Here’s one developing a beautiful website:

dev website 181210 vs

The idea is to make a wonderful creation, like this:

181210 vs spiderweb

Of course, there were a lot of



nephila maculata giant wood spider vs 181210

More about the other creatures and birds that we saw, after I get back from the Citizen Matters pEtE mAtu today!