Gulakmale...other-than-the-birds, 041210

December 7, 2010

Gulakmale was also cloudy and misty on Saturday morning, with the sun making an ineffective effort to pierce the clouds:

sunrise gulakmale 041210

The insect world, however, became quite active, and this

LEAF-CUTTER BEE (Thank you, Karthik, for the id)

showed her blue-striped body and gauzy wings:

blue bee 041210

There were many COMMON THREE-RINGS on the grass: lycenid 041210 A GROUND SKIMMER zipped about, letting me getting a brief shot while resting: gd skmr 041210 This SLUG looks quite beautiful: slug? 041210 This un id insect sat on the leaf, hoping to have breakfast, and hoping to avoid being breakfast...! cricket? 041210 glkmle After seeing so many Millipedes, it was nice to see some CENTIPEDES for a change! centipede 041210 These beautiful, tiny wildflowers added to the beauty at my feet: un id wildflower 041210 un id wldfloer 041210 On the drying pond, the WATERLILIES bloomed in beauty: waterlily 041210 glkmle

The most amazing sighting was Shreeram’s spotting this lovely

ORNAMENTAL TREE TRUNK SPIDER ((Herennia ornatissima )(thanks to an anonymous reader!)

which Karthik says, belongs to the genus Herennia:

spider 041210

Isn’t insect life and plant life as fascinating as sighting a tiger?