Dandeli...the beings (except the Hornbills)

November 23, 2010

Dandeli is a great place for birds; small wonder then, that even after missing all the thrushes that are common there, like the Orange-headed Thrush, the Blue-capped Rock Thrush and so on, we still wound up with a bird count of well over a hundred!

Dandeli’s speciality is the Hornbills, and I’ll devote a separate post to the Malabar Pied Hornbills that we saw; but apart from that…..

We started at Attiveri, where, in the morning light, we got the


ibis attiveri

There was an ORIENTAL DARTER that flew in, and landed amongst the CORMORANTS and was drying its wings: darter and corm 201110 attiveri Several STORKS flew across the waters: stork flying attiveri 201110 this SMALL BLUE KINGFISHER sat hunched up on the bund, waiting for fish: kf attiveri Deep in the valley, we spotted a SHIKRA: shikra We were excited about what this bird was, but when I went home, alas, it was not a lifer, but the COMMON HAWK CUCKOO: hwk cckoo 201110 another familiar friend was the SCALY-BREASTED MUNIA: s b munia 211110 then, of course, we spotted a lovely raptor, the GREY-HEADED FISHING EAGLE: fish eagle 201110 Our guide, Mahesh, went too close, and the bird flew rather far away, where two WOOLLY-NECKED STORKS were: fishing egl and storks 201110 a PURPLE HERON skimmed over the water with grace: purple heron 201110 I couldn't id this bird, Garima says it's the BAR-WINGED FLYCATCHER-SHRIKE and AMS feels it might be a Rock Thrush: bar-winged flycatcher-shrike 201110 Krishna spotted a PADDYFIELD PIPIT: paddy pipit 201110 The next morning's birding was full of mist and I got only silhouette shots, such as this one of a SPOTTED DOVE and PLUM-HEADED PARAKEETS: dove and p h parakeets Later, on the Kali river bridge, we saw several SCARLET MINIVETS: scarlet minivet male 211110 but an amazing and unexpected bonanza awaited us in the last hour of birding, right outside the Kulgi Camp gates; we saw an incredible number of birds, including this BROWN-CAPPED PYGMY WOODPECKER: pygmy wpkr 211110 as we headed back home, we stopped near a water body where we saw several SMALL MINIVETS: sml mnvt 211110 in the bamboo thickets, against the evening sky, we saw the silhouettes of the GREATER RACKET-TAILED DRONGO: rt drongo 211110 It was lovely to see (though they were against the light) the VERNAL HANGING PARROTS quite literally hanging about! vernal hanging parots I couldn't get any closer to the HILL MYNAHS: hill mynahs2111110 Other creatures included the FUNNEL-WEB SPIDER: wolf spider 201110 the GOLDEN DARTLET: golden dartlet 201110 the butterflies were also interesting; here's a DANAID EGGFLY: danaid eggfly 211110 a COMMON NAWAB which was a lifer for me: nawab 201110 A NIGGER: nigger We all enjoyed snapping this posing BLUE TIGER: blue tiger 211110 Another beautiful lifer for me was the GLAD-EYE BUSH BROWN ...a name that made a lot of sense! :) gladeye bush brown 211110 Everywhere, green GRASSHOPPERS hopped: grasshopper The only two mammals we got to photograph were the BLACK-FACED LANGUR: langur 211110 Here it is, feeding: And since I got a good shot of the MALABAR GIANT SQUIRREL at BR Hills, this time I'm posting a shot of it as it flicked itself off: half of squirrel 211110 Krishna also spotted this lovely fan-shaped MUSHROOM: mushroom this STRANGLER FIG has already started growing around the tree, and will, in the course of time, strangle it: strangler fig Even a TEAK LEAF from the plantations, looked beautiful as it lay fallen on the path: teak leaf I enjoyed seeing many types of spider webs; this one is the web of a TENT SPIDER: tent web Some beautiful, un id'd WILDFLOWERS delighted us: un id wildflower 211110 un id red flower 211110 I do know that this is a species of IPOMEAIA: ipomeaia sp 211110 And here are all of us, making the bird list!

I got this regular


glistening with the morning dew:

spider web 201110

When one sees so much, how can one be disappointed?