Dandeli....the places

November 23, 2010

Our trip to Dandeli began with a lovely sunrise:

sunrise attiveri 201110

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We started our birding at the Attiveri Bird Sanctuary:


After brushing our teeth at the guest house:

resthouse 201110

After the birding session, we ate breakfast at the Bird Life restaurant:

restaurant 201110

We passed through Haliyal, with its Police Station:

haliyal ps 201110

…stopped for lunch here:

lunch haliyal 201110

later, in Dandeli, I was tickled to see how thoroughly this car (a Tata Nano, which made headlines recently as the cheapest car in the world!) was being washed, inside as well as outside!

carwash 211110

I liked the colourful variety of wares at this Dandeli shop:

shop dandeli

Dandeli’s main road junction has a statue to the great heroine, Rani Chennamma of Kittur:

rani chennamma 211110

We crossed over the Kali river:

bridge over kali river 201110

and reached Kulgi Nature Camp:

kulgi arch 2011110

the two parts of the camp are connected by this pretty walkway:

steps over the stream kulgi 201110

Just outside the camp is this nice diorama of the local folks:

tableau at Klgi 211110

The interpretation centre at the Camp has this shlOkA on nature:

shloka at Kulgi 211110

Our chai stop (and supplier of breakfast on the second day) was Arun Bendekar’s Hotel Apoorva, at Dandeli:

outisde hotel apoorva 211110

here’s the chai!

tea apoorva 211110

Here it is, lit up in the dusk for Karthik Poornima:

hotel apoorva 211110

Here’s the bridge over the Kali river:

kali river bridge 211110

Here are some milestones, in Kannada and English; this one shows the distances to Dandeli, Haliyal and so on:

dandeli haliyal etc signbd

this one to Joida, Karwar, and so onward:

joida karwar sign

Sri Kshetra was a place we didn’t have the time to explore!

sri kshetra 211110

But we did walk near Supa Dam, where a lovely “Welcome sign” contradicted a strictly enforced “No Entry” sign!

way to supa dam 211110

this one gives the distance to Ganeshgudi, a prime birding spot:

ganeshgudi milestone

this one, on the walls of Hotel Apoorva, gives distances to names that we also have near Bangalore:

bommanahalli directions

this one is to Syntheri, where the rocks are truly beautiful!

sintheri swagatha 211110

this one shows the bird trail (that we followed!)

bird trail

this one has rather a cryptic message, but I suppose it means that greenery will result in good rainfall!

hope to have expected rain 211110

this one shows the Black Panther, a very elusive big cat that lives in the area:

blk pnthr jlr

We saw many jeeps carrying rafts; Dandeli is famous for its white-water rafting:

white-water rafting 211110

Some of the views I saw were lovely:

lake view 211110

In one area, there had been quarrying done, and a water reservoir had formed:

quarry area 211110 dandeli

as the clouds dispersed, the formations began to indicate clear weather:

cirrus clouds 211110

We formed a nice group, and were soon pulling each others’ legs and having a great time!

Here are Suresh and Murthy, talking “Camerese”:

murthy and suresh

I couldn’t resist taking this pic of Radha, and her “DATR” Medha! (DATR stands for Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve…the less the tigers, the more the reserves, I feel!)

radha and medha...her datr 211110

Here’s our driver, Raja, who was quite an active birder himself, and an excellent and responsible driver:

raja kali 2111110

and this is his vehicle, with Pradeep in front of it:

toofan jeep 211110

Here are KM and Shaila, literally “cooling their heels”, in the Kali river, on a seat that seemed to have been put up a little too close to the water!

shaila and KM 211110

I caught our shadows across another of the bridges:

our shadows 201110

I loved these three little boys sharing a cycle:

cycling in dandeli 201110

and here are most of us,sitting with a final chai at the Hotel Apoorva, doing, what we joked was our “final exam”…pitching in to prepare the bird list!

making the bird list 211110


Reflecting on the trip, let me close with the reflections on the Attiveri lake as the mist slowly turned to sunlight:

attiveri kere