The Soliga Podu (camp, or settlement), 141110

November 19, 2010

The Soligas were semi-nomadic in nature, but after the Biligiri Rangana Sanctuary was created, they settled down more or less permanently, and Skanda of ATREE took all of us to visit a Podu, or settlement.

Here’s what a traditional Soliga house looks like:

traditional Soliga house

but now, of course, they are replaced by constructions of cement: modern soliga house They have stopped growing ragi, and buy it nearby, though they still dry it in the traditional way: rAgi drying Their main cultivation is now coffee, here's a coffee plant with berries: coffee plant Here are the harvested berries: coffee berries The beans are then extracted from the berries, and dried in the sun: coffee beans drying In their gardens they now grow vegetables such as tubers, and gourds: gourd They do have a lot of banana plantations, apart from sugar cane: bananas and flower

For the photographs I took,

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