November 17, 2010


has a field station in BR Hills, and that was where we were bound, on the Valley School trip:

ATREE board 121110

It didn’t feel like a field station at all, it was so comfortable and welcoming!

Here are the staff at ATREE: Madhe Gowda, who will receive a doctorate shortly, and Nanje Gowda,... staff of ATREE 121110 Here they are, in the room that serves as the office: staff of atree 131110 I saw part of a Soliga wedding video; the rites were fascinating: soliga wedding video 131110 The staff did not complain about the children's "monkey tricks"...even when they were swarming over the front gate! on the gate 131110 When Chandu had to say bye reluctantly, the next day, the children all waved back: chandu saying bye 131110 That evening, ATREE organized a bonfire (though the wood was wet with the rain!) bonfire 131110 A Soliga group came and danced for us; this is the tribal drum, being toasted over the fire to tighten the leather thongs: tribal drum 131110 Here are the dancers: soliga dance 141110 Of course, the food that the children got was very important, and it was local cuisine, and delicious. Here's Renukamma, who is in charge of the kitchen: renukamma of atree 141110 Here is the kitchen, with her helpers working: kitchen at ATREE 131110 Sometimes, we also helped out, here's the tea-boy Chandu! chandu teaboy 131110 Vegetables were chopped in huge quantities for the hungry little's the beetroot! beetroot atree 141110 I should have photographed the idli, sambar and chutney before the attack of the children! idli sambar chutney 131110 After breakfast, the idli cooker and steamer plates are washed and set out to dry.... idli utensils 131110

Let me wind up with this picture of Skanda, who is the co-ordinator for ATREE, for such trips and seminars…he’s documenting the children at the temple!

skanda of atree 121110

Skanda certainly did a wonderful job on the first group from Valley School and will continue to do so for the other three groups who are following.

Thank you very much, Skanda, and the staff of ATREE, for a great visit, and a lot of learning!