B R Hills....

November 15, 2010

It was an intense experience, on many different levels. Interacting with 21 children; watching scientists in the field; seeing how tribal people in the forests are living today, and how they are bettering themselves with a lot of help; seeing a swank resort, and seeing the huts of the tribals that the resort will help; going on a safari with JLR in the morning, and with the Forest Department in the evening; coming back via

Shivansamudra Falls

on the way home….a huge variety of incidents and experiences that I will write and post about (hopefully finishing before I leave for Dandeli on Friday!)

But here are two images…one…all of us (with YT behind the camera!) on the forest road:

vsgroup brh 141110

…and this wonderful ice-formation behind the cloud…

ice cloud brh 141110

Am off to catch up on lots of things, from email to sleep! Will be posting more about this wonderful weekend …..but I realize, I’m good with children, and generally enjoy their company.