Bannerghatta Quarry Area...the creatures, 071110

November 9, 2010

The quarry area is where I sighted my first Egyptian Vulture in south Bangalore, so it’s always with eagerness that I go there. This time, of course, the lowering skies and the drizzle made it impossible to see too much, and I was able to photograph even less…but it was beautiful, nevertheless, to get some creatures on camera!

Krupa and I have a kind of arrangement…the minute he leaves my side for a minute or two, I sight something interesting! (And, according to him, I make it worse by photographing it and showing him the photograph as well!) There was no exception this day; the first time he went a little further with Chandu, I spotted this


male in the tree…it sat SO still that I started wondering if I had seen a bird or the branch of a tree, as it was also far away! But the camera does not lie…. common flameback 071110

The second time we parted company, I was really thrilled to sight the migrant PIED CRESTED CUCKOO atop a tree (naturally it flew off in the minute or two that he took to come over!) pied cuckoo 071110 Chandu spotted this BRAHMINY STARLING on the bamboo: brah strlng 071110 (photography is tough in a fine drizzle!) However, the sighting of the day was definitely this RUFOUS-TAILED LARK which foraged around, unfazed by the presence of our car, right next to the road...even at such a closeup, you can see what a great job of camouflage the bird can achieve! The colouring of the bird closely approximates the mud on which it moves about.... rt lark 071110 I got a nice portrait, too: rt lark side 071110 Here's another of my "birds as they appear to us" photo...can you spot the GREY FRANCOLIN in the picture? francolin 071110 bgq We enjoyed seeing three kinds of Munias...the SCALY-BREASTED, the WHITE-RUMPED, and these beautiful BLACK-HEADED MUNIAS: black-headed munia 071110 doesn't it make a delightful picture in the reeds? Apart from the birds, and the Ladybird that I posted about, I got this beautiful, tiny SPIDER on a small sheaf of grass; Karthik has promised to id it for me: lynx spider? 071110 I was intrigued by the perfectly round holes in the rock, here and there, until Karthik told me they were probably drilled by men, to put in dynamite for the blasting! round hole 071110 I snapped a tiny wildflower, which Karthik says, is probably HYDANTHES: wildflwr pink 071110 The moisture meant there were MUSHROOMS everywhere....little brown umbrellas... mshrom 071110

and very delicate white ones:


For more pictures,

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…you can see SMS’s of the Long-tailed Shrike, the Common Babbler, and the White-rumped Munia, among other things.

Off to attend and 's baby's naming ceremony now... with my MLC of course!