Valley School 011110

November 6, 2010

Another quick sneak to Valley School; we were disappointed to find that the Study Centre gate was locked. However, here are some of the interesting things I saw…

several butterflies, including the


angled castor vs

the PEA BLUE: cerulean 011110 the SPOTLESS GRASS YELLOW: grass yellow 011110 (no, it's not spotless because it uses the latest simply doesn't have the spots that the Spotted Grass Yellow has.) the COMMON WANDERER: common wanderer 011110 and a tattered ORANGE TIP: tattered organge tip 011110 vs insects, including a small BEE hovering in mid-flight: bee in flight 011110 an un id BEETLE: un id beetle 011110 and this PUPA on the grass blade: pupa 011110 I documented a couple of mammals, Homo sapiens photographensis: priya and krupakar vs 011110 we did see a fair amount of birds, but didn't get to photograph many, but I liked this quick silhouette shot of a rapidly flitting WHITE-BROWED FANTAIL FLYCATCHER: fantail sil 011110 having just missed one of them flying at about 10' height while I was photographing the Wanderer, the best sighting of all was seeing two ORIENTAL HONEY BUZZARDS sitting on a tree: 2 ohb vs 011110 and one was calling repeatedly: ohb vs 011110

Here’s a short video of its call that I took:

I’d not heard the call of this Buzzard before! A lovely morning, followed by a visit to the Vasanta Vallabharaya Swami temple that I’ve posted about