Fire and Light

November 6, 2010

Celebrate the festival of light; Light up your heart’s desire.

lamps 051110

May the kindling of the light Set your hopes afire.

bonfire 051110

Let the colours and lights just climb; Let them soar ever higher.

rocket 051110

Let your dreams never touch the dust… May they never get lost in the mire.

south city 051110

To come down to humour, suddenly….

Today’s lights may look like a traditional “diya”, But they need an electric wire!

diya 051110

Here’s a photo of my kOlam, taken by a young guest of one of my neighbours ; without any inhibition, she asked if she could take a photograph….her first attempt at photography! Long may it last!

Her name is Rashmi, and a round of applause for her please!

kOlam 051110