Basic Halli, 30 and 311010

November 4, 2010

In alphabetical order, Ashwini, Kiran, KM, Vineet, Vittal and I went to Basic Halli to participate in the Bird Survey that Anand had organized. As we were gathering to get into the car, I looked up and had my first migrant sighting for the day, the


pelicans overhd 301010

Here's a view of the basic tents and the basic pool: basic halli kere 311010 Meals are simple, and I liked the traditional dishes a lot. Here's boiled corn-on-the-cob, which was our lunch starter on Sunday: lunch starter 311010 Here's the array of food: menu 311010 I delayed Harsha's lunch while I snapped his plate...that's the "rAgi muddE" ball on his plate, along with the colourful assortment of vegetables in the sAmbAr, and sweet potato "pAlyA": ragi mudde plate 311010 We got about 75 species of birds (a lot of the birding had been done by the stalwarts before we reached there on Saturday evening, making our job very easy!)...some were common residents, like this SCALY-BREASTED MUNIA: scaly-breasted munia 311010 Some less so, like this WHITE-BELLIED DRONGO: white-bellied drongo 31010 and, of course, some uncommon sightings, like this TAWNY EAGLE tawny eagle 311010 and what was later identified as a GREATER SPOTTED EAGLE (a lifer for me): greater spotted eagle 311010 (Sorry about those shots, the SX10 is not the camera for raptors soaring high overhead!) Tiny creatures included this ZEBRA BLUE: zebra blue 311010 a metallically lovely FLY: fly 311010 I enjoy documenting ALL mammals, so here Homo sapiens krishnae: camera krishna 311010 Rare sight to get him clicking a camera! Here are some of us, as the call of the White-breasted Idli, the Speckled Chutney, and the Green Banana-leafbird took precedence over birding: waiting for idlis 311010

And here we all are, as I mandated a group photo before we dispersed:

bird survey basic halli 311010

L to R: Ananda, Lobo, Swamy, Kiran, Karthik, Ulhas, Mani, Neelamma, Ashwini, Ramesh, Anand (with Bullet-the-Dog),Mohan, Raghu, Dipti,Vittal,Sandeep, Harsha, and Krishna.

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