Adding to Shyamals Chucklist of Birds....

November 4, 2010

I had made

this post

about the chucklist of birds that Shyamal had sent to the bngbirds egroup on April 1.

Here are my additions, including some gems gleaned from INW:

Bird-eater Flycatcher Crested Shirt Pant Eagle Boothed Eagle Pale-build Flour Packer Wholly Naked Stork White-chicked Barbet Sport-Build Duck Grinnish Leaf Wobbler Horsepray Jerdon’s Bushlock Red-bumped Swallow Stork-killed Wingkisser Peefowl Grey Franklin Short Toad Snack Eagle Broad -assed Tailbird Indian Curser Brahminy Sterling Whiter Less-fronted Ghoos Egyptian Culture Paddy filed Pippette Great Indian Bastard Eurasian Cola Dough Jingle Foul Malabar Grey Horrible Open-bulled Stock Tickled Blue Liecatcher Jordan’s Baja Pie-eyed Wagtail Kneel Grease Plycatcher Panted Bush Quill Barn Howl Sore-ass Crane Loo-faced Malpoa

Please add to the list….

Update: Painted stroke: